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What You will Learn

The curriculum is modeled on an integrated system which is broad, balanced and rigorous. English is the medium of instruction for all courses except for Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Arabic Social Studies which are taught in Arabic as stipulated by the U.A.E. Ministry of Education. The curriculum at kindergarten, primary, intermediate and secondary levels prepares the foundation for the students to sit for the IGCSE examinations administered by the University of Cambridge (UK) taken at the end of grade 10/11. Students in grade 12 are able to continue for their AS and A-Levels as well as for their High School Certificate where they can sit for SAT 1 in grade 11, TOEFL and SAT 2 in grade 12.

Abu Dhabi Campus

  • Address: P.O. Box 25801, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Phone: 0097126108400 / 0097126108401
  • Fax: 0097125599883
  • Email: administration@dhafraschools.com
  • Website: abu-dhabi.dhafraschools.com

Al Ain Campus

  • Address: P.O. Box 17814, Al Ain, UAE
  • Phone: (03) 7013999 / (03) 7013998
  • Fax: (03) 7676691
  • Email: dhafra22@emirates.net.ae
  • Website: http://alain.dhafraschools.com

Child Protection Policy

To ensure that all schools have student protection measures in place, as strongly enforced by the UAE Federal Law Child Rights, and other relevant UAE laws.

All year School Events

The school calendar contains all events and activities for the school year. You can also find ADEC approved schedule for holidays and vacations, as well as exam dates.

School Management System

School management an online portal provided by the school for both students and teachers for better learning experience and communication.

School Handbook

The school handbook contains all school information and daily routines that are useful for both parents and students. Download the PDF copy from the link below.

Our Advantages

Up-to-date technology

All Campuses uses the latest technology in teaching and learning.

ADEC Approved

Facility, staffs and Curriculum all conforms to the Ministry of Education standards.

Child Safety and Protection

Child protection and safety is paramount with in our school as enforced by the ministry.

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